Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Foundations of Physical Geography    B.Sc.
2    Mathematics - I    B.Sc.
3    Map Reading    B.Sc.
4    Structural Geomorphology    B.Sc.
5    Dynamic Geomorphology    B.Sc.
6    Geomorphology    
7    Basic Geo-morphology    B.Sc.
8    Survey    B.Sc.
9    Natural Disasters in Urban Planning    B.Sc.
10    Applied Statistics    M.Sc.
11    Introduction to Geographical Information Systems – GIS    B.Sc.
12    Foundations of Dynamic-Geomorphology-I    B.Sc.
13    Iran Climate    B.Sc.
14    Foundations of Rural Geography    B.Sc.
15    Principle of Geomorphology    B.Sc.
16    Topographical Maps (Hydrology)    
17    Hydrology Foundations    B.Sc.
18    Natural Hazards    B.Sc.
19    Principles of Spatial Planning    B.Sc.
20    Geomorphology    B.Sc.
21    Water Problems    B.Sc.
22    Application of GIS in Rural Geography    B.Sc.
23    Application of Physical Geography in Urban Planning    B.Sc.
24    Physical Geography of Urban (Geomorphology and climate)    B.Sc.
25    Map Reading    B.Sc.
26    Application of Air Photos and Sat Images in Geography    B.Sc.
27    Structural – Geomorphology-1    B.Sc.
28    Principles of GIS    B.Sc.
29    Iran Geomorphology    B.Sc.
30    Methods of Analyzing Population    B.Sc.
31    Application of Geomorphology in Urban Planning    B.Sc.
32    Theoretical and applied Cartography    B.Sc.
33    Natural Disasters in Urban Planning    B.Sc.
34    Physical Geography of City - Geomorphology    M.Sc.
35    Physical Geography of City-Climate, Hydrology    M.Sc.
36    Environmental applications of GIS    M.Sc.
37    Remote Sensing and GIS in Climatology    M.Sc.
38    Application of GIS in Geomorphology    M.Sc.
39    Methods and Techniques in Geomorphology    M.Sc.
40    َApplication of physical Geography in urban planning    M.Sc.
41    Natural environment of city    M.Sc.
42    Theoretical Ideas in Geography and Geomrphology    M.Sc.
43    Digital Terrain Models    M.Sc.
44    Environmental Studies in Rural Planning    M.Sc.
45    Application of GIS in Rural Planning – II    M.Sc.
46    Principle of Geographical Information Systems-I-    M.Sc.
47    Natural Hazard Enviroment Maluge ment    M.Sc.
48    Natural hazard and environmental management    M.Sc.
49    Geomorphological Methods and Techniques in Environmental Planning    M.Sc.
50    Supply and Interpretation of Geomorphology Maps    M.Sc.
51    Practical works of Geomorphology (field and lab.)    M.Sc.
52    Urban Hydrology and climatology    M.Sc.
53    Iran Hydrogeomorphology    M.Sc.
54    Theoretical Thoughts in Geography and Geomorphology    M.Sc.
55    Research Methods in Geography    M.Sc.
56    Seminar on Disaster Management and Natural Hazards in Cities    M.Sc.
57    Environmental Potentials in Planning Of Tourism Development Of Iran    M.Sc.
58    Research method in geomorphology    M.Sc.
59    Engineering geomorphology    M.Sc.
60    Geomorphic landform reclamation    M.Sc.
61    Modeling landforms and processes    M.Sc.
62    Quantitative Analyses in Geomorphology    Ph.D
63    Dominant Processes in Arid Regians    Ph.D
64    Fluvial Geomorphology With Emphasis on Iran    Ph.D
65    Geomorphometry    Ph.D
66    Geomorphology and Management of Tourist Sites    Ph.D
67    Geomorphology and Management of Arid and Desert Areas    Ph.D
68    Urban Geomorphology with Emphasis on Iran    Ph.D
69    Urban hazards management    Ph.D
70    Quaeernary Gomorphology of Iran    Ph.D
71    Analytical Methods in Geomorphology    Ph.D
72    Theoretical Thoughts on the evolution of the earth face    Ph.D