Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    assessment of dust emission, dust track and effected area from different Geomorphic and land covers in the West Khuzestan province, Iran    Ph.D    Nemat Malamiri    1400/07/21
2    The study of bank erosion of Kashafrood River and its control by biological methods    M.Sc.    mahnaz chaji    1400/06/22
3    Study of North Khorasan droughts and its relationship with the yield of rainfed crops (wheat and barley)    M.Sc.    marzieh dasht bin    1399/07/22
4    Study of the effects of Quaternary climate change on geomorphological processes and forms of Gonabad Ergs.    Ph.D    alimohammad noormohammadi    1398/10/28
5    Late Quaternary Paleo-environmental Reconstruction in the Boojmehran Stream (South of Binalood Mountain Range), emphasis on the types of Flows and Paleofloods econstruction    Ph.D    azra khosravi    1398/04/31
6    Analysis of morphological characteristics and spatial distribution The hazard of land subsidence in the Neyshabur plain    Ph.D    Jafar Rokni    1397/11/29
7    Global warming and flooding origin of the mountain glaciers of Alamkooh    M.Sc.    fahimeh poorfarash zadeh    1397/06/26
8    The study of landslide susceptibility Chahardange Basin with emphasis on comparative assessment method    Ph.D    zeinab Teimoori yansari    1397/04/10
9    The Role of Geomorphological Phenomena in Establishing Security and Defense of the Northeast Borders (Case Study: Lotf Abad, Yaghol, Nohandeh, Bajjadian)    M.Sc.    Mahbobeh Nikbakht    1396/11/25
10    study of Evidence and morphological impacts of risk from subsidence on Installations and residential buildings (case study: ۱۹th district Tehran)    M.Sc.    bahareh atashi    1396/08/03
11    Geomorphic Impacts of Mining on Mish Abkhor catchment, Khorramabad County    M.Sc.    rahim toolabi    1396/06/29
12    The study of Hydrogeomorphology of Rokh plain (Torbate-Heydariyeh Iran)With emphasis on Water resource Applying.    M.Sc.    hossein rezaei    1395/11/30
13    Feasibility and assesing sand and gravel resources with an approach to geomorphology. Case Study (metropolis Mashhad(    M.Sc.    ashraf sadat hashemi mehne    1395/11/05
14    Analyzing spatial patterns dynamics at non-equilibrium geomorphic systems    Ph.D    Neda Mohseni    1395/08/29
15    Analysising and Reconstruction of form and processes in Fluvial geomorphology using dendrogeomorphology( case stady: Neka river)    Ph.D    Maryam Ghasemnezhad    1395/08/26
16    Assessment of geomorphologic changes in internal closed basins and investigate the factors that influence (Case study: Lake Bakhtegan)    M.Sc.    Farzaneh Mohammad pour ghalaty    1394/11/08
17    Modeling of Dbrisl flow in the basin Tngrah - Tornjly using digital elevation models (DEMS)    M.Sc.    fariba paknjad    1394/11/08
18    The Effects of Agricultural Development on the Destruction of Natural Environment with Emphasis on Water Resources of Torbat Heidariyeh Central Region    M.Sc.    jafar hekmat    1394/10/30
19    The study of fluvial processes on Island developments in Karun River    M.Sc.    maryam rashidi    1394/06/29
20    Effect of external dynamic processes on the quality of aggregate resources in the Kermanshah region    M.Sc.    hamed sohrabi    1394/06/29
21    The Analysis of temporal-spatial patterns of aerosols using Satellite images in the metropolis of Mashhad    M.Sc.    jamile mohamadi moradian    1394/02/05
22    Investigation of hydrological and geomorphic efficiency of canals in Mashhad    M.Sc.    sakine baroyi    1393/11/03
23    Flood hazard study in the City of Kalat on methods of paleo flood    M.Sc.    Azra khosravichenar    1392/11/07
24    The Study of Paleofloods in Darungar River Basin and its Application in Estimating Flood Risks    M.Sc.    Seyedeh Bahareh Boroumand Danesh    1392/09/15
25    The Study of accuracy of morphometric analysis based on the DEM derived from topographic maps 1:50000    M.Sc.    mahvash naddaf    1390/11/15
26    Applcation of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs),high resolution satellite images and GIS tools in Geomorghology maping    M.Sc.    elham mohamadi    1390/06/30
27    The stady of land slip potential in kardeh basing    M.Sc.    reyhane moradgholi    1389/10/11